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The Dedection of Brucella Antibodies with Microagglutin Ationtest (MAT) in the Bovine Sera
Pages 7-11
Development of Enzymeimmunoassay (EIA) for Progesterone
Pages 13-17
Isolation and Identification of Aspergillus fumigatus from Geese
Pages 19-23
Determination of Ovulation Using by B-Mode Ultrasonography in Cows Synchronized with Cloprostenol
Pages 25-31
Use of Enbucrilate in the Closing of Skin İncisions in Dogs
Pages 43-47
Studies on the Prevalence of Subclinic and Clinic Mastitis and Antibiotic Sensitivity in Imported Simmental Cows in Kars District
Pages 49-55
The Investigation of Some Pathogenic Microorganisms and Determination of the Microbiologic Quality of Ground Beef Sold in Kars
Pages 57-65
The Effect of Season on Spermatological Charecteristics of Frozen-Thawed Semen in Kıvırcık Rams
Pages 73-79
The Infectious Agents Causing Equine Endometritis and Infertility
Pages 81-84
The Serum Progesteron, Oestradiol 17 ß and LH Levels of Kıvırcık Ewes which were Synchronised by Various Techniques During Breeding Season
Pages 85-92
Vaginal Tumour in A Cow
Pages 93-96
Neosporosis in Domestic Animals
Pages 115-121
Mortellaro Disease (Digital Dermatitis): General Perspective
Pages 123-125
ATP-Dependent Potassium Channel Openers and Blockers: Pro-arrhythmic or Antiarrhythmic Effects Following Myocardial Ischemia and Reperfusion
Pages 127-133
Reduced Glutathione and Malondialdehyde Levels with Catalase Enzyme Activity in the Heart, Skeletal Muscle and Liver of Lambs with White
Muscle Disease
Pages 1-5
The Isolation and Identification of Bacteria and Parasites from Diarrhoeic Calves in Kars District
Pages 7-14
Pathological Examinations on the Localization of Lesions and Incidence of Tuberculosis in Cattle in Kars City and Its Surrounding
Pages 15-25
The Effect of Soaked Lathyrus sativus L. Seed on Growth Performance in Japanase Quail
Pages 27-32
Immunohistochemical Localization of Aromatase Enzyme in Vit-D Depleted and Repleted Chicken Testes at 12-Weeks Age
Pages 33-37
Determination of Milk Species in White Cheese Using by Polyacrylamid Gel Electrophoresis (PAGE)
Pages 39-45
Experimental Studies on Fermented Chalcalburnus Mossulensis Sausage
Pages 47-54
Some Microbilogical and Chemical Properties of Çeçil (civil cheese) Sold in Kars-Turkey
Pages 63-70
Assessment of Anaesthetic Properties and Clinical, Cardiovascular and Respiratoric Effects of Medetomidine, Propofol and Ketamine Combination
in Dogs
Pages 71-76
Use of the Distal Portion of Ulna as Segmental Cortical Autograft for Experimentally Induced Fractures with Large Bone Defect on the Diaphysis
of the Tibia and Femur in Dogs
Pages 77-85
The Comparison of Effects of Propofol and Isoflurane on Some Clinical and Electrocardiografic Findings in Dogs
Pages 87-93
Morphology of the Accessory Sex Glands and Their Arterial Vascularization in New Zelland Rabits
Pages 95-99
Vaginal Hyperplasia and Its Treatment with Cervicopexie in A Kangal (Anatolian Shepherd) Bitch
Pages 101-103
Diagnostic Importance of Liver Biopsy on Liver Disorders in Cattle
Pages 105-109
Liver Abscesses in the Cattle
Pages 117-121
Role of Oxytocin and Oxytocin receptors in the Synthesis of Prostaglandin F2 Alfa in Ruminants
Pages 123-128
Monitorization of Arterial Blood Pressure During Halothane Anaesthesia
Pages 129-134
Investigation of Yersinia spp in Raw Milk and White Cheese Sold in Kars-Turkey
Pages 135-142
Pathological Examinations on the Localization of Lesions and Incidence of Bacteriologic Quality of Ice Cream Marketed in Kars
Pages 143-147
Investigation of Campylobacter, Salmonella and Listeria spp from Turkish White and Çeçil Cheese
Pages 155-161
Investigation of Blood Hormone Changes During Puberty in Angora Goats
Pages 169-174
The Comparison of Arthrotomy and Arthroscopy Methods in The Treatment of Experimentally Induced Meniscus Lesions in Dogs
Pages 185-195
Effect of Short-Therm Oak (Quercus hartwisiana) Leaf Consumption on Haemotological Parameters in Rams
Pages 201-206
Tuberculosis and Sarcosporidiosis in the Periorbital Locations in A Hen
Pages 213-217
A Foot Cancer (Crapo) Case Encountered in A Horse and Its Extirpation by Electrocauter
Pages 219-221
An Owerview of Classification of the Phylum Apicomplexa
Pages 223-228
Feeding of Ostrich
Pages 229-235