Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 2018 , Vol 24 , Issue 5
Economic Evaluation in Traditional and Industrial Livestock with Different Levels of Milk Production in Ardebil Province with Emphasis on Risk Criteria
1Department of Animal Science, University of MohagheghArdabili, Ardabil, IRAN DOI : 10.9775/kvfd.2018.19720 The main objective of the livestock industry, as an economic production system, is to increase production efficiency through changes in performance and to increase economic productivity. Therefore, in designing genetic improvement programs for domestic animals, it is necessary to pay attention to recognizing the system of production and the factors affecting its performance and the profitability of systems, that is, revenues and costs. For estimation of market liquidity flow and economic returns, using a bio economic model, data on the revenues and costs was used of traditional and industrial cattle in Ardebil province during the years 2012-2016. The nourishment method based on the type of management was divided into two methods: traditional nourishment (in pasture) and industrial nourishment. The results of this study showed that the highest share of revenue and costs of nourishment units was related to milk sales and nutritional costs in both systems respectively. The investment risk level for industrial systems with different levels of milk production (high production, average production and low production) and the traditional system were estimated to be 0.032, 0.078, 0.030 and 0.013, respectively using standard deviation that these numbers represent the degree of deviation of the real result from the average result with medium returns which shows the high risk of investment in industrial dairy cattle compared to traditional dairy cattle. In both systems, the highest estimated relative significance was related to production traits, followed by survival and growth traits, respectively and the least value was related to reproductive traits. Keywords : Bio-economic model, Economic value, Risk, Traditional and industrial system