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Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 2002 , Vol 8 , Issue 2
Methicilin Resistance in Staphylococci strains Isolated from Dairy Cows with Subclinical Mastitis the Onset of the Dry Period
Pages 98-100
The Prevalance of Liver Flukes in Sheep Slaughtered in Kars Province
Pages 101-102
Alman Çoban Köpeklerinde Arteria Vertebralis'in Seyri ve Anastomozları
Pages 103-106
Comparison of Ceftiofur Sodium by Intravenous Regional Antibiotherapy and Local Oxytetracycline Application for Treatment of Bovine Digital Dermatitis
Pages 107-110
Pathological and Bacterioligical Investigations on Bovine Mastitis in Kars Region and Its Surrounds
Pages 111-122
Protective Effect of Vitamin E on the Oxidative Damage Caused by Acute Sodium Nitrite Intoxication
Pages 123-126
Cerebral Arterial Circle in German Shepherd Dogs Raised in Turkey
Pages 127-130
Investigations on Veterinary Folklore in Elazığ and Its Vicinity
Pages 131-138
Effects of Tanniniferous Oak (Quercus Hartwisiana) Leaves on Gas Production in In Vitro Rumen Fermantation System
Pages 139-142
Comparative Macro-Anatomical Investigations on Os Hyoideum in Parrots (Agapornis personata) and Budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus)
Pages 143-145
Macroanatomic and Osteometric Investigations an the Head skeleton of Male and Female Quails (Coturnix coturnix)
Pages 147-151
Rabies Cases Observed in Some Provinces (Elazığ, Malatya, Tunceli, Bingöl, Muş) in Eastern Anatolia Between 1996-1999
Pages 153-156
Gingival Vascular Hamortama in A Calf
Pages 157-159
The Unilateral Facial Paralysis in Two Mules and Its Treatment
Pages 161-163
Bilateral Thyroid Carcinoma and Its Surgical Treatment in Two Dogs
Pages 165-169
Fusobacterium necrophorum Infections in Domestic Animals
Pages 171-175
The Role and the Problems of animal Husbandry in the Economy of Turkey
Pages 177-181
Effects of Zinnc and Copper Deficiencies on the Immune System
Pages 183-187
Phytooestrogens in Human and Animal Health
Pages 189-194
Pages 195-197
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