Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 1995 , Vol 1 , Issue 1
Evaluation of Hip Dysplasia in Anatolian (Sivas-Kangal) and German Shepherd Dogs
Pages 9-21
Studies on the Oestrus Synchronization with PGF2alfa in Postpartum Period in Cows
Pages 22-24
Biochemical and Pathological Studies on Nephrolithiazis in Beef and Grazing Cattle in Kars Area
Pages 25-30
Ultrasonographic Examination of Flexor Tendons in Horses
Pages 31-35
Viscosurgical Treatment of Experimental Teat Lesions in Sheep
Pages 36-41
Ultrasonographic Anatomy of Kidneys in Cats
Pages 42-46
The Effect of Different Protein and Fiber Levels on the Fattening Performance, Slaughtering and Carcass Charecteristic of 11-12 Months-old Morkaraman Male Lambs
Pages 47-54
Microbiologic Investigations on Goose Embryos Diet Hatching - Tray and in Shells
Pages 55-58
Arthroscopy in Large Animals
Pages 60-67
Clinical and Biochemical Effects of Local Flunixin Meglumine (Finadyne) on the Treatment of Arthiritis, Bursitis and Tenosynovitis in Cattle
Pages 68-74
Treatment of Natural Psoroptic Mange (Psroptes ovis) in Morkaraman Sheep with Doramectin
Pages 75-77
The Preliminary Report on Hypocupraemia in Sheep with Enzootic Fluorosis
Pages 79-81
A Study for Psychrotroph Microorganism in Savak Pickled Cheese
Pages 82-85
The Performances of Yield of Tushin and Morkaraman Ewes at the Farm of Veterinary Faculty University of Kafkas, Kars 1 The Traits of
Pages 86-88
Gastrointestinal Radiography with Sodium and Meglumine Ioxithalamate in Dogs
Pages 89-95
Atresia Vulva in A Heifer
Pages 96-97
Ethyology, Pathogenezis and Treatment of Diarrhoea in Calves
Pages 98-102
The Zoones Produced by the Sea Foods Consumption in Humans
Pages 103-107
Bovine Spongioform Encephalopathy (BSE) (Mad Cow Disease)
Pages 108-109
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