Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 2019 , Vol 25 , Issue 5
SNPs Detected in the SIRT1 and H-FABP Genes and Their Association with Growth Traits in Yak
Linsheng GUI1, Yonggang SUN3, Yincang HAN1
1State Key Laboratory of Plateau Ecology and Agriculture, Qinghai University, Xining 81016, Qinghai Province, CHINA
2College of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, Qinghai University, Xining 81016, Qinghai Province, CHINA
3Qinghai Academy of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine, Qinghai University, Xining81016, Qinghai Province, CHINA
DOI : 10.9775/kvfd.2018.21545 The aims of this study were to investigate whether the Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) and Hear fatty acid binding protein (H-FABP) genes could be used as candidate genes in the breeding of yak. In 409 indigenous Chinese yaks, two single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) were identified through DNA sequencing technology, including a SNP within the 5"UTR of SIRT1 (g.1906A>G), and a SNP in the exon 1 of H-FABP (g.6643C>T). The chi-square test suggested that all the variations were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium (P>0.05). An association analysis suggested that g.1906A>G of SIRT1 gene and g.6643C>T of H-FABP gene exhibited significant correlation with body weight and body length (P<0.01). These results indicated that these SNPs could be used as meritorious and available genetic markers in yak growth traits breeding. Keywords : SIRT1 gene, H-FABP gene, Growth traits, Yak, Single nucleotide polymorphism