Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 2021 , Vol 27 , Issue 3
MicroRNA-200c Mediates the Mechanism of MAPK8 Gene Regulating Follicular Development in Sheep
Ying NAN1, Yifan XIE1, Menti ng ZHU1, Heng YANG2, Zongsheng ZHAO3
1Shihezi University, College of Animal Science and Technology, Shihezi, CHINA
2Southwest University, College of Animal Science, Chongqing, CHINA
3State Key Laboratory of Sheep Genetic Improvement and Healthy Production, Xinjiang Academy of Agricultural and Reclamation Science, Shihezi, CHINA
DOI : 10.9775/kvfd.2020.24981 Most sheep breeds are seasonal estrus and single birth animals. In order to improve pastoral area economy and lambing rate, In order to improve pastoral area economy and lambing rate, and It is very important to study the key genes aff ecting sheep reproductive traits at the molecular level. On the basis of early verification of the relationship between miR-200c and MAPK8 gene target. In this experiment, after over-expression of miR-200c in ovarian granulosa cells, the expression of mitogen-activated protein kinase 8 (MAPK8), frizzled class receptor 3 (FZD3), G protein subunit alphaq (GNAQ), jun proto-oncogene (JUN), protein kinase C beta (PRKCB) in estrus-related pathway genes was detected by qRT-PCR, and the expression of estradio (E2) and progesterone (P4) in reproductive stimulation was detected by ELISA. The relationship between MAPK8 gene and follicular ovulation was analyzed. The results showed that up-regulated corpus follicular mRNA expressions of FZD3, GNAQ (P<0.01), and down-regulated mRNA expressions of MAPK8, PRKCB (P<0.05) and JUN (P<0.01). The secretion of E2 first increased and then decreased with the passage of time, while the secretion of P4 first increased and then returned to the normal level with the passage of time, which was consistent with the development of follicles in mammalian estrus. In summary, miR-200c-mediated MAPK8 gene has a strong promoting eff ect on E2 secretion and a certain regulating eff ect on P4, suggesting that miR-200c-mediated target gene MAPK8 plays a regulating role in follicular development. Keywords : Kazakh sheep, miR-200c, MAPK8, Ovulatory number