Kafkas Üniversitesi Veteriner Fakültesi Dergisi 2018 , Vol 24 , Issue 4
Impact of Various Carbohydrate Sources on Functional Attributes, Colony Population, Feed Intake, and Quality of Honey Produced by the Honeybee
H. Reza Karimi Saeed ABADI1, H. Aghdam SHAHRYAR1, A. A. Shaddel TELI1, R. Salamatdoust NOBAR1
1Department of Animal Science, Shabestar Branch, Islamic Azad University, Shabestar, IRAN DOI : 10.9775/kvfd.2018.19445 The effect of various carbohydrate sources on bee function was investigated in this study. To conduct the experiment, 12 treatments in 6 replications in a completely randomized design carried out on (Apis mellifera meda). The treatments are consisted of control treatment (honey, white sugar, brown sugar) and sweet dough treatments containing corn, potato, wheat starch and corn liquid fructose with ratios of 15 and 30%.population size, feeding rate and egg, larvae and pupae amount as well as honey production and honey analysis were investigated. The results of supplying the colonies with diverse starch targeted groups show that there is a significant difference between the highest and the lowest tested treatments (P<0.05). In conclusion starch content at 15% increased the performance of the honey bee in comparison to the 30% level. Thus, along with the starch sources it is recommended to use a small amount of 1:1 sugar syrup one day in between due to performance improvement, especially in the seasons when the flow of nectar is low. Sweet dough containing 15 and 30% corn liquid fructose improves honeybee efficiency. The purpose of this study is to select the appropriate alternative for white sugar in terms of economic, ease of supply and nutritional health for honey bee. Keywords : Bee, Carbohydrate sources, Attributes, Starch, Sweet dough